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15.2.2018 ED consoles Tsvangirai family
15.2.2018 Morgan Tsvangirai: Tribute to an icon
15.2.2018 Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai - Heroic Herald of an Epoch Foretold
14.2.2018 Morgan Tsvangirai obituary
3.1.2018 Joint Statement by the UN System in Zimbabwe
3.1.2018 ZPP calls for extension of biometric voter registration deadline
22.12.2017 Bumper Zimbabwe harvest prompts bigger bet command agricultureon
20.12.2017 Zimbabwe′s "Military-assisted Transition" and Prospects for Recovery | Crisis Group
12.12.2017 The challenges facing Pres Mnangagwa
22.11.2017 The Morning After...
21.11.2017 Zimbabwe - Caught between the Croc and Gucci City
19.11.2017 Zimbabwe is not the banana republic of western fancy. After Mugabe, it can thrive
17.11.2017 The owl has no horns, but Zimbabwe should tread carefully...
15.11.2017 CSOs Joint Statement on the Military Take Over in Zimbabwe
15.11.2017 "Politics in this country will not be the same"
15.11.2017 Full statement from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces
15.11.2017 Zimbabwe military denies takeover in state TV address
15.11.2017 Zimbabwe crisis: Army takes over, says Mugabe is safe
15.11.2017 Putsch gegen Mugabe: Ende einer Ära?
15.11.2017 Simbabwe droht Putsch
9.11.2017 Emmerson Mnangagwa: What next for the reform agenda?
9.11.2017 Mugabe faces 'unprecedented' political threat as sacked deputy gathers support
8.11.2017 Zanu PF wars: sickly economy awaits victor
8.11.2017 Zimbabwe's Ousted Vice President Flees After Death Threats
6.11.2017 From First Lady to First Citizen?
28.10.2017 Brace for Zimbabwe dollar return: Biti
21.10.2017 Mujuru launches own coalition
16.10.2017 Grace presidency in sight as Zanu PF to amend constitution to accommodate female VP
13.10.2017 We are your creation - vendors tell Mugabe as blitz starts
11.10.2017 Mugabe's Cabinet reshuffle likely to 'negatively impact economy'
29.9.2017 Zimbabweans get four-year grace
29.9.2017 Can Zanu-PF afford another currency crash?
29.9.2017 Biti's party splits as ex-finance minister, allies 'expelled' over Tsvangirai links
22.9.2017 Pastor Mawarire urges 'David Goliath' act against Mugabe
11.9.2017 Mugabes launch scathing attack on VP Mnangagwa
11.9.2017 Mugabes launch scathing attack on VP Mnangagwa
1.9.2017 Zim looks for Mugabe's successor after a surreal month
25.8.2017 Mujuru demands removal of MDC name in Alliance
18.8.2017 Bulawayo leads as half of Zim adults consider leaving the country
5.8.2017 Zimbabwe opposition reunites to challenge Mugabe
3.8.2017 RBZ offers 10pct sweetener for diaspora remittances
27.7.2017 Zimbabwe: The opposition's urban voter problem
27.7.2017 Zimbabwe's first lady urges Robert Mugabe to name his successor
10.7.2017 IMF warns Zimbabwe against more borrowings
5.7.2017 93-year-old Bob woos youths in latest campaign
22.6.2017 Zimbabwe: The $100bln economy dream
4.6.2017 Moyo admits Zanu PF agricultural input abuse, chides opposition election strategies
19.5.2017 Zimbabwe Key Message Update, May 2017
11.5.2017 Zimbabwe's opposition coalition: Avengers Assemble or Suicide Squad?
3.5.2017 Asylum limbo: the woman who can't stay in Britain, but can't leave either
3.4.2017 UN Electoral Support to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
3.4.2017 Zimbabwe Country Strategic Plan (2017-2021)
31.3.2017 Crisis Group: Zimbabwe - March 2017
29.3.2017 Zimbabwe Key Message Update, March 2017
8.3.2017 How women farmers are battling climate change in Zimbabwe
7.3.2017 Urgent call for assistance to flood victims
2.3.2017 Climate Smart Innovations to Improve Agriculture in Zimbabwe
24.2.2017 Incident Watch: Masvingo Zanu PF elections show that factionalism is a threat to peace
24.2.2017 State, Zanu PF siege on citizens’ spills into 2017
21.2.2017 WFP Southern Africa El Niño Situation Report #09, 21 February 2017
17.2.2017 Over 100 NGOs protest bid to grant Mugabe powers to appoint Chief Justice, activists storm parliament
5.2.2017 Zimbabwe: Humanitarian Response Achievements (April - November 2016)
3.2.2017 Mawarire refused bail, remanded in custody
27.1.2017 Zimbabwe’s diamond theft: Power and patronage in Marange
25.1.2017 Bikita West by-election and the discovery of ignorance
13.12.2016 UN says Zim HIV prevalence rate still high, country 5th highest globally
11.12.2016 2017 Budget: Zimbabwe’s economy in 6 graphs
9.12.2016 Civil service restructuring has already started – Chinamasa
28.11.2016 Mugabe launches new currency in last gamble for Zimbabwe
11.11.2016 Towards 2018 elections
28.10.2016 Why SA wont intervene in Zimbabwe's worsening political and economic crisis
27.10.2016 The politics of reform in Zimbabwe
22.10.2016 Mliswa stuns Zanu PF in the Norton by-election
22.10.2016 IMF decision to reinstate Zimbabwe a victory for Mnangagwa
16.10.2016 Analysts urge soft-landing to post-Mugabe transition in Zimbabwe
12.10.2016 Paying for Zanu-PF factionalism, literally
12.10.2016 No cash till corruption and human rights violations end, Germany tells Mugabe
11.10.2016 Tsvangirai outlines four-step Zimbabwe rescue plan
6.10.2016 Confrontation in Zimbabwe Turns Increasingly Violent | International Crisis Group
5.10.2016 Zimbabwe economy slides back into recession – IMF
4.10.2016 German chancellor Merkel's representative says they need to be able to 'trust' Zimbabwe
2.10.2016 Weekend congress reveals ZCTU threatened by membership carnage
29.9.2016 Stakeholders to strengthen drought response monitoring, call for more funding
16.9.2016 Why we protest
5.9.2016 Vendors defy police ban on demos, march through Harare
1.9.2016 Opposition march called off as government imposes two week ban on all demonstrations
31.8.2016 UNDP and the Global Fund partner with Zimbabwe to strengthen HIV prevention and treatment services
26.8.2016 NTA: Possibility of a soft landing for Zim - The Zimbabwe Independent
24.8.2016 Churches seek failed Mugabe′s removal, say to push Parliament to impeach the president over bad governance
17.8.2016 Zimbabwe’s year so far: a tale of regression
13.8.2016 Leaders rally against Mugabe: Tsvangirai, Mujuru call for unity among opposition parties
10.8.2016 Change will come from Zanu PF
28.7.2016 Race against time in drought-ravaged Southern Africa to ensure 23 million people receive farming support
28.7.2016 Mandaza, Todd, Kagoro and other prominent Zimbabweans call for a transitional authority to take Zim out of crisis
26.7.2016 War veterans summoned to Hre, Chinoz claims to know authors of anti-Mugabe communique
22.7.2016 Mugabe and the revolt of the war veterans
21.7.2016 Full Statement: War vets savage Mugabe, withdraw support
18.7.2016 #Hashtag activism - will it make a difference in Zimbabwe?
17.7.2016 Riots in Zimbabwe: Mess with the informal sector
16.7.2016 This time the uprising in Zimbabwe is different – but will it bring regime change?
14.7.2016 Zimbabwe misses own deadline to pay $1.8 Billion; pays nothing
13.7.2016 Human Rights Commission probes Bulawayo police brutality
13.7.2016 Court throws out case against anti-Mugabe pastor
13.7.2016 Church leaders foresee civil unrest, call for National Dialogue
9.7.2016 'Uneasy calm' prevails in Zimbabwe, after violent clashes
8.7.2016 Zimshutdown2016 and the new protest politics taking root in Zimbabwe
7.7.2016 Stakeholders commit to increase support to over 4m drought affected population and preparedness to La Nina
6.7.2016 #Zimbabwe: The revolution will be hashtagged
6.7.2016 Zimbabwe shuts down in peaceful protest against corruption
5.7.2016 Forum Statement on police brutal use of force on protesters
4.7.2016 Zimbabwe police battle rioters protesting against 'harassment'
2.7.2016 Beitbridge protests: 70 arrested, opposition urges government to reverse import ban
27.6.2016 Dollar shortage highlights Zimbabwe's woes
16.6.2016 Zimbabwe exports 19 percent down in first five months - Zimstat
9.6.2016 The Persistent Crisis of the Zimbabwean State
7.6.2016 Coalition not weak without MDC-T and ZimPF, says CODE chairman Gilbert Dzikiti
2.6.2016 Weakening SA Rand batters Zimbabwe's Economy
30.4.2016 WFP Zimbabwe: Country Brief, April 2016
14.4.2016 Tsvangirai urges Mugabe to resign as thousands turn up for the MDC-T $15bln march
12.4.2016 Mugabe to amend indigenization law, softens ownership demands
8.4.2016 Bob: Chuck out whites, give farms to war vets
31.3.2016 Zimbabwe: Humanitarian Needs Overview 2016
16.3.2016 WFP boosts food and cash assistance as El Nino's grip on Zimbabwe tightens
15.3.2016 Malnutrition on the rise in Zimbabwe as El Nino takes its toll
14.3.2016 Civil service boss rejects retrenchments
9.3.2016 Zimbabwe plans sharp wage bill cut, `satisfied' IMF sees 1.4pst growth in 2016
12.2.2016 El Niño set to have a devastating impact on Southern Africa's harvests and food security
11.2.2016 The UK needs to stay out of Zimbabwe's succession politics
8.2.2016 Diana Mitchell obituary
8.2.2016 Marange villagers say diamond miners must feed the hungry as famine bites
5.2.2016 Zimbabwe declares state of disaster due to drought
4.2.2016 Nearly half of foreign inflows into Zimbabwe are diaspora remittances
22.1.2016 Severe drought in Southern Africa expected to drive large food assistance needs in 2016/17
22.1.2016 Zim mining sector: all that glitters is not gold
20.1.2016 Constitutional Court Ruling on Child Marriages
18.1.2016 China and Zimbabwe's all-weather friendship
31.12.2015 Klimawandel im südlichen Afrika
29.12.2015 Government delays paying some salaries as cash crunch bites
24.12.2015 2016 transformative year for Zim economy
17.12.2015 CZI calls for 50percent salary cuts
13.12.2015 Securocrats in Zimbabwe's Succession Race?
19.11.2015 Grace says Zimbabweans must spare hero Mugabe, country could turn into another Iraq
18.11.2015 Zimbabwe migrants ease misery of relatives facing economic ruin
17.11.2015 Press statement on murders of ZANU-PF members
16.11.2015 Tradition: building bridges across political divides in Zimbabwe
2.11.2015 Average Zimbabwean living on US$3,24/day
29.10.2015 War vets take on G40
23.10.2015 Mujuru centre of gravity for the opposition forces
9.10.2015 Zimbabweans fear and prefer Mugabe, according to a survey by MPOI
8.10.2015 Germany says impressed by Zimbabwe's proposed economic recovery strategy
6.10.2015 Hoping without Hope: Murambatsvina - Ten Years On
5.10.2015 Power outages disrupting normal life, Zimbabweans slowly getting used
1.10.2015 To hell with Chinamasa's FDI, Indigenisation way forward, Zhuwao
15.9.2015 The Mujuru manifesto: What will it take to unseat Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF?
14.9.2015 We are living in fear, say family of missing Zimbabwean activist
28.8.2015 Zimbabwe's diamonds lose bling
27.8.2015 Acid test for rushed labour law
27.8.2015 Mugabe launches charm offensive as Zimbabwe's economic woes mount
27.8.2015 Acid test for rushed labour law
24.8.2015 10 Facts About Hunger In Zimbabwe
3.8.2015 The slow death of Zimbabwe's labour movement
2.8.2015 Jobs hemorrhage: Labour at crossroads
29.7.2015 Zimbabwe: Violent Crackdown on Street Vendors
2.7.2015 Appell "Völkermord ist Völkermord"
29.6.2015 Women must be part of the climate change debate
15.6.2015 Maize grain demand and retail prices atypically high in southern areas
11.6.2015 Zimbabwe ruling party sweeps by-elections, strengthens grip on power after opposition boycott
9.6.2015 Zimbabwe's accelerated response to HIV
1.6.2015 Mediating electoral conflict in Zimbabwe
25.3.2015 Zimbabwe's Politics of Despair
16.3.2015 Zimbabwe: The darkest hour is not before dawn
5.3.2015 Chinamasa: forget diamonds, Zim is broke
4.3.2015 Zimbabwe President Mugabe sued by former Zanu-PF allies
18.2.2015 EU resumes aid to Zimbabwe as relations with Robert Mugabe thaw
6.2.2015 Zimbabwe, China trade marginally up to ,2 billion in 2014
20.1.2015 126 million additional funding announced to fight HIV in Zimbabwe
18.1.2015 Terence Ranger obituary
24.12.2014 For Zimbabweans, Universal Education May be an Unattainable Goal
10.12.2014 Mugabe appoints Mnangagwa as new VP
30.9.2014 Much to be done to arrest decline in Zimbabwe
19.9.2014 Beating the Virus: Community HIV Care in Zimbabwe
12.9.2014 Tsvangirai's MDC may split further
30.8.2014 Zimbabwe's Infant, Maternal Mortality Rates Drop
26.8.2014 Robert Mugabe visits China as critics condemn 'desperate' bid for investment
14.8.2014 BZS Research Day 2014: Politics, Culture & Identity in Zimbabwe
26.7.2014 Industry not feeling Bob's claimed recovery
30.6.2014 An above average harvest will continue to contribute to stable food security across the country
27.6.2014 Zimbabwean Politics in the Post 2013 Elections Period: The Constraints of 'Victory'
8.5.2014 Zimbabwe's economic recovery requires new foreign relations
29.4.2014 Tsvangirai & Biti should work together; they need each other
28.4.2014 One way or another, Morgan Tsvangirai must go
11.4.2014 Brian Raftopoulos: The Sanctions Debate on Zimbabwe
2.4.2014 Christopher Mlalazi: Wegrennen mit Mutter
27.3.2014 Zimbabwe's AIDS-Related Illness Deaths Figures Plunge
21.3.2014 Fresh waves of Zimbabwean migrants flee worsening economy
17.3.2014 Perspectives on Zimbabwe's literary scene as Caine prize returns
16.3.2014 Church regulation needed to curb abuses
4.3.2014 Unravelling Zimbabwe's 'food crisis'
11.2.2014 Marange diamonds lose global shine
15.1.2014 World Bank sees economy growing 4.2 percent
15.1.2014 Chinamasa: Foreign banks sanctioning us
14.1.2014 Masunungure: Succession talk scares Mugabe
7.1.2014 Understanding the ZANU-PF succession: Mugabe's choice likely to be decisive
25.12.2013 Government fails to increase civil servants pay
29.11.2013 Is Zimbabwe making up with the West?
26.11.2013 Conditions ripe for cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe
29.10.2013 Women dig into Zimbabwe's male-dominated small-scale mining sector
28.10.2013 Reading between the political lines, post July 31
28.10.2013 VoA: HIV/AIDS Initiatives Sidelining People With Disabilities
17.10.2013 The End of a Road: The 2013 Elections in Zimbabwe
12.8.2013 Mugabe empfiehlt seinen Gegnern Selbstmord
12.8.2013 The fatal error does not belong to Tsvangirai alone
9.8.2013 Zimbabwe's MDC challenges Robert Mugabe election victory
8.8.2013 Zimbabwe Europe Network - There should be No endorsement of the Zimbabwe election results
1.8.2013 AU says Zim Vote Fair but Identifies Problems
1.8.2013 Zimbabwe election was 'huge farce' - Morgan Tsvangirai
31.7.2013 ERC Press Statement on the Voting Process - 31st of July, 2013 Harmonised Elections
30.7.2013 Voting and Voting Peacefully is Every Citizen's Responsibility
29.7.2013 Zwischenbericht der Go-to-Vote Kampagne
29.7.2013 Is Zimbabwe heading towards another disputed election?
29.7.2013 Zimbabwe's 2013 elections explained
19.7.2013 Violence and Transition in Post Settler-Colonial states
17.7.2013 Go to vote! Campaign - Wahlen in Zimbabwe
15.7.2013 Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system
12.7.2013 Robert Mugabe fighting fit and talking peace ahead of Zimbabwe election
24.6.2013 Women in Zimbabwe's Parliament Will Change Widow's Lives
21.6.2013 (IRIN) Stateless Zimbabwe residents gain citizenship
15.6.2013 Southern African leaders call on Mugabe to delay vote
28.5.2013 Diepsloot: Crime, xenophobia - or both?
17.5.2013 International conference on transitional justice in Zimbabwe - Conference report (4-6 October 2012)
6.5.2013 ICG on Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios
3.5.2013 Zimbabwe: The land issue revisited
4.3.2013 "Wie wird Zimbabwe seine Schulden los?" (Gesprächsnotiz)
1.3.2013 Zimbabwe Women Leaders Denounce Escalating Political Violence
24.2.2013 Biti seeks China infrastructure help
24.1.2013 (IRIN) Is Zimbabwe's education sector on the road to recovery?
21.1.2013 Simbabwe: Menschenrechtsaktivisten inhaftiert
10.1.2013 IRIN report: Money transfer via phone
6.12.2012 Niebel in Simbabwe: "Keine Normalisierung der Beziehungen"
1.12.2012 Sonderangebot Simbabwe-Filme
19.11.2012 Sokwanele on: Constitution Watch - Second All Stakeholders Conference
5.10.2012 SPT Zimb. Update 5 Oct. 2012: Towards another Stalemate in Zimbabwe?
26.9.2012 General elections in March 2013: Mugabe
12.9.2012 Analysis: Zimabwe - Crisis over? (IRIN)
30.8.2012 Biti dares Mugabe to call referendum
23.8.2012 MDC-T must face reality, and get to work
19.7.2012 Peter Orbone: UK must have courage to bring Zimbabwe in from cold
8.6.2012 ZIMBABWE: Burial societies provide for the here and now
28.5.2012 UNHCfHR Navi Pillay on Zimbabwe
25.4.2012 Dying rivers dry up livelihoods
12.3.2012 Namibia-Aufruf an den dt. Bundestag
9.3.2012 SPT - Zimbabwe Update No.4. March 2012: The Shadow of Elections
6.2.2012 Zimbabwe's Sanctions Standoff
19.1.2012 Street Vendors' Protest Sparking a Revolution
20.12.2011 Raftopoulos: Zim politics in spell of indecision
9.12.2011 Globaler Fonds gegen Aids in Not: Zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen fordern Minister Niebel zum Handeln auf
16.11.2011 Resistance and Denial: Zimbabwe's Stalled Reform Agenda
7.11.2011 SPT report: "Hard Times" Matabeleland: urban deindustrialization - and rural hunger
25.10.2011 Zimbabwe: expectations, anticipation and reality
15.9.2011 Teresa Mugadza appointed as Deputy Chairperson of the new Anti-Corruption Commission
5.8.2011 CSIS study: Beyond Mugabe
29.7.2011 Zimbabwe: 'Nothing more can be done' for illegal migrants
1.7.2011 Controversial Zimbabwe Diamonds Dispute Deepens
24.6.2011 SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.3. June 2011: Beyond Livingstone
13.6.2011 SADC: Zimbabwe: Reforms first, elections later
6.6.2011 Zimbabwe: Good economic genes stunted by politics
9.5.2011 "Stalemate can't go on forever"
30.4.2011 Mugabe kommt trotz EU-Einreiseverbot nach Rom
14.4.2011 SPT Report: The Hard Road to Reform
16.3.2011 Zimbabwe: an HIV prevention success story
22.2.2011 Catholic Bishops express grave concern over potential Zimbabwean election in 2011
21.2.2011 The Solidarity Peace Trust urges humane treatment of Zimbabwean Refugees
22.12.2010 Seminar "Partnerschaften auf Grasrootsebene"
13.12.2010 Stellenausschreibung: EED/Medizinische Fakultät der African University in Mutare
6.12.2010 Mugabe heads for collision with Zuma
1.12.2010 NRO-Bündnis fordert Rückzahlung von WM-Profiten
16.11.2010 Tvangirai calls Mugabe a crook, threatens election boycott
14.10.2010 Simbabwer in Südafrika: Die Frist läuft
11.10.2010 Flüchtlinge aus Simbabwe in Südafrika: Riskante Legalisierung
27.9.2010 Appell: Deutscher Beitrag zur Bekämpfung von HIV/AIDS
18.9.2010 Maseko released
8.9.2010 UN: Textbooks for primary schools in Zimbabwe
9.7.2010 The Solidarity Peace Trust urges action to avoid xenophobic violence
28.6.2010 Zimbabwe: are targeted sanctions smart enough? On the efficacy of international restrictive measures
17.6.2010 Internationale Kampagne Fatal Transactions kritisiert Verhaftung von Menschenrechtsaktivist in Simbabwe
30.5.2010 Shona im Park: Treibhausgalerie eröffnet
25.1.2010 Verblühte Zukunft - Vortragsreise zu Arbeitsrechtsverletzungen im simbabwischen Blumensektor
11.12.2009 Weimarer Menschenrechtspreis für Jestina Mukoko
26.11.2009 Interview im Domradio
23.11.2009 WOZA gewinnt den Robert F. Kennedy - Menschenrechtspreis
1.11.2009 "Mugabes Partei will keine Reformen"
22.9.2009 EED: Zeichen der Hoffnung in Simbabwe brauchen Unterstützung
27.8.2009 Interview: 'Education sector is still very fragile'
29.5.2009 Echo auf ZN-Appell
28.4.2009 Ziviler Friedensdienst des DED sucht Fachkräfte
9.4.2009 Bitte um Unterstützung für Hilfeprojekte in Zimbabwe
7.4.2009 Appeal from Zimbabwe Netzwerk to the European Commission
7.4.2009 Appell des Zimbabwe Netzwerk an die Bundesregierung
27.2.2009 Cholera fordert weitere Todesopfer - Hilfsmaßnahmen dringend erforderlich
27.2.2009 Cholera und Hunger in Afrikas früherer Kornkammer
17.2.2009 And Motlante said "Of course it's safe to go back, Roy. I'll guarantee your safety!!"
17.2.2009 DW: "Spannungen trotz neuer Regierung"
12.2.2009 DW: "Prinzip Hoffnung - Simbabwes Einheitsregierung ist alternativlos"
11.2.2009 Missionsärztliches Institut Würzburg: "Lage dramatisch unterschätzt"
30.1.2009 Tsvangirai set to become Zimbabwe's Prime Minister
30.1.2009 ZIMBABWE: The darkness before the dawn? (IRIN)
30.12.2008 Bringt die Cholera Mugabe zu Fall?
30.12.2008 Zimbabwe in Not - Dezember 2008
9.12.2008 Wir bitten um Spenden für unsere Arbeit zu Zimbabwe
26.11.2008 Appell des Zimbabwe Netzwerk an die Bundesregierung und die Europäische Kommission
16.11.2008 Mitgliederversammlung und Tagesseminar 2008
16.11.2008 AI-Preis für WOZA
30.9.2008 Bericht: Kein Geld für das Terrorregime in Zimbabwe
31.8.2008 Fazit des Seminars in Bad Urach vom 11. bis 13. Juli 2008: "Simbabwe. Zwischen Aufbruch und Zusammenbruch."
6.8.2008 Mahnwache gegen die Gewalt in Zimbabwe am 5.Juli 08 vor der südafrikanischen Botschaft
5.8.2008 ZCTU's position on the current political negotiations and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Zanu PF and MDC
5.8.2008 WOZA statement: Freedom in a fortnight? A view from the trenches
5.8.2008 WOZA Charter
5.8.2008 Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition: Statement on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ZANU PF and MDC
5.8.2008 Memorandum of understanding between Zanu PF and MDC
26.6.2008 Offener Brief an Giesecke & Devrient
16.6.2008 Simbabwe: Übergriffe auf Nichtregierungsorganisationen nehmen zu
13.6.2008 African civil society leaders unite to call for free and fair election process in Zimbabwe
12.6.2008 A Call for an Immediate Stop to Violence
23.5.2008 Open Letter from Zimbabwe Netzwerk e.V. to the SADC Governments concerning the run-off elections in Zimbabwe on 27 June 2008-05-23
23.5.2008 Offener Brief des Zimbabwe Netzwerk e.V. an die Regierungen der Staatengemeinschaft des Südlichen Afrika SADC zu der Stichwahl in Zimbabwe am 27.6.2008
18.4.2008 Erklärung des Zimbabwe Netzwerk e.V. zu den Wahlen in Zimbabwe anlässlich des 28. Unabhängigkeitstages des Landes
17.4.2008 Joint Statement on Zimbabwe by Civil Societies of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe
17.4.2008 Statement made by President Morgan Tsvangirai: 17 April 2008
12.4.2008 Petition: Democracy for Zimbabwe
7.4.2008 ZADHR: Statement on World Health Day
7.4.2008 Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum:
Critical time for the people of Zimbabwe
7.4.2008 Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe:
Deep Concern over Inordinate Delays in Releasing Results of Presidential Election
29.3.2008 AI: Wahlen in Simbabwe - Menschenrechte in Gefahr
29.3.2008 Presse-Erklärung zur Wahl in Zimbabwe
19.2.2008 PTUZ activists abducted
5.12.2007 Bilder von der Mitgliederversammlung
5.12.2007 Christian Alliance on EU-Africa Conference in Lisbon
5.12.2007 Christian Alliance zum EU-Afrika-Gipfel in Lissabon
5.12.2007 Mitgliederversammlung zum EU-Afrika-Gipfel
8.9.2007 Recent Events Relating to Archbishop Pius Ncube
2.9.2007 "Zimbabwe - Solidarität in Zeiten der Krise"
Wochenendseminar in Königswinter ein erfolgreicher Schritt
10.8.2007 Eindrücke von der Mitgliederversammlung 2006 des Zimbabwe Netzwerk
13.7.2007 Solidarität mit Zimbabwe in der Krise
Aufruf zur Stärkung des Zimbabwe Netzwerk e.V.
14.6.2007 Hoffnungsschimmer
14.4.2007 Solidarität mit Zimbabwe
14.4.2007 Solidarity with Zimbabwe
13.4.2007 Radios für Zimbabwe
31.3.2007 Eine starke Stimme aus Simbabwe
19.3.2007 Auszeichnung für WOZA durch den `International Women of Courage Award'
19.3.2007 WOZA leader wins International Women of Courage Award
14.3.2007 Detention diary...day 3
13.3.2007 ZINASU President and others arrested
13.3.2007 Release our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe now!
Activists to rally in Johannesburg TODAY
12.3.2007 EU Presidency statement on the violent break-up of a peaceful rally in Zimbabwe
ZLHR lawyers denied access to opposition leaders AND CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVISTS
29.1.2007 Verhaftete gegen Kaution freigelassen - Verhandlung am 5. März
27.1.2007 Statement from the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition South Office on the arrest of Christian Alliance leaders in Kadoma by the government of Zimbabwe on Friday 26 January 2007
20.1.2007 A new genocide unfolds in Africa
1.12.2006 Beilage ZIMBABWE in der TAZ
10.10.2006 Menschenrechtler aus Iran und Simbabwe ausgezeichnet
16.5.2006 Zimbabwe police threaten woman activist with death
4.3.2006 AI Österreich informiert: Wieder Verhaftungen von WOZA-Frauen
20.2.2006 1500 Unterschriften unter Petition
15.11.2005 Women are paying a havy personal price
26.7.2005 Rachefeldzug mit Bulldozern
22.7.2005 UN-Bericht zu Zimbabwe

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